Dr. Pablo German

Director & Chief Technical Officer

Pablo German, Founding Director, has experience in the study of molecular targets through his doctoral studies. His experience includes being Research Manager at Comvita, the world’s largest producer of Manuka honey. Pablo has held a number of leadership roles and has been the recipient of several scholarships and awards.


Brett Oliver


Brett Oliver has more than ten years of experience in commercialisation and innovation activities. His past roles included technology auditor and advisor at KPMG, commercialisation manager at NZ’s largest research organisation, and innovation manager at NZ national health innovation initiative. Brett is also experienced in composite materials engineering, venture capital due-diligence, commercial and property finance.




Joseph Lupi


Joseph Lupi has extensive experience in the commercial sector. A continuous recipient of the Gold award, he has impacted the New Zealand and international markets in a substantial manner. Joseph has supported his community and charities throughout his career with involvement in multiple cancer research facilities and other community projects. 




Dr. John Arabshahi

Drug Design & Development

John Arabshahi has experience in the development and design of drugs using In silico screening methods. His doctoral studies focused on the use of natural products for virtual screening and drug development. His experience includes developing lead compounds in a variety of targets, docking studies, peptide docking and homology modelling.